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My Approach

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I believe that the potential to heal is accessible to all of us and I believe that we can achieve our potential to live fulfilling, happy lives through a holistic, mind-body approach and that we all have the power within us to succeed, to thrive and be happy.  However, at times, when we are faced with tough life challenges we sometimes need a little guidance to create a life we enjoy, versus merely surviving. 

I am committed to providing accessible psychological services which focus on supporting and promoting well-being to individuals, children & adolescents, families and groups. I believe that counselling is a collaborative process and my work is grounded in an Existential Approach while drawing from multiple theoretical models. I believe in applying holistic, solution-focused interventions that best suit the needs of the client to focus on what will bring about the most meaningful change. I provide evidence-based, customised treatment plans in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Life is sometimes hard and taking that first step to reach out is harder.  I understand this and use that first interaction to start building a therapeutic relationship because this is the most important part of bringing about a positive change you are hoping to achieve.  Counselling is a means to assist people in finding their way back on their own unique life path, helping them move forward. I strive to create an environment that is a safe space for my clients where they can freely express themselves and explore the struggles or challenges they are facing. Together we will explore what prevents you from being where you want to be in life, bringing self-awareness to behavioural patterns, thoughts and feelings, and we will explore any patterns that may be blocking the way to psychological well-being, in order to heal. Together we will develop a plan to help you reach your personal goals.


For more information, please view the Counselling Services page or click here. 

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